The StoryBook Adventure Release Party (Chicago, 2008)

by admin on March 24, 2012

The Storybook Adventure (2008)

The Storybook Adventure (2008)

In preparation for the forthcoming release of my new solo project “Pathways” we pulled out some old footage of the release party performance for The Storybook Adventure (my Debut solo project in 2008).

This was a great show. We played to a full house at the Dark Room in Chicago. Also on the bill that night was the 80’s Babies (Dee Jackson & Tall Black Guy), Beatmonstas, beats and rare grooves by Tall Black Guy & Radius.

In retrospect, I think this album contains some of my greatest writings. However, I’d like to one day remix and master the entire album to improve the execution of these great tales put to music. My men Noble Dru, Tall Black Guy & Radius provided some beats, my former group mate Bosa (Sac Fly) provided a couple memorable verses, Beatmonstas collective is on there.

If you feel so inclined, click the image link and head overt to and cop the album. Its still a pretty good listen.

Here are a few compiled clips of the release party in Chicago.

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