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Pathways Album Cover

"Pathways" Album Cover

So a couple years a ago I embarked on this “new album” journey. Initially the name of it was “The Vinny Van Gogh Johnson Experience”. It was supposed to be all about the art {hence the Van Gogh reference} of the music from rather hood perspective {hence stereotypical reference to a rather common black surname “Johnson” }. All in all… I got tired of explaining that title and referring back to it to be sure that my musical creations were in-line with the concept.

So, here we are… PATHWAYS is the name of the project.  Why Pathways? Why not. I think said it best “Phashara (Beatmonstas) Walks his Own Path…” That’s all that’s it!

I wanted this album to reflect whatever the day brings. One day it was a tune called “Sunshine” (produced by the UK’s Passion HiFI) because I was feeling inspired and motivated. One day it was a tune called “Dreams” (produced by ILLMIND) where I asked the homies Finale & Reefa Rei aboard to give their take on how we can achieve our dreams. Other days brought b-boy opus’ like “Langston Hughes” (featuring Noble Dru) & “Drop Bombs” where I just wanted to be lyrical and braggadocios. Still I address real issues on joints like “Economic Woes” featuring my man from Chicago’s own 80’s Babies. My guy Savant and I crafted, what I consider to be, a classic ode to our home town Chicago called “Heart Strings” were we delve into our love for the ole fair lady Chicago and how we miss her when we are away. One of the illest tunes on the project features Sadat X of Brand Nubian and it’s called “Codes” (Produced by Noble Dru). On this song we explore the code of the streets and how survival of the fittest can sometimes push one outside of his usual demeanor.

Another tune was posted on SoundCloud on Valentines Day… It’s called “Nothin Nice” check it out.

10. Phashara – Nothin Nice – Pathways by Phashara

This all plays into the concept that is project  “Pathways”. We all walk many paths and these paths may change daily. I just wanted to express myself freely without feeling boxed in. Ultimately, I took the needed time to make a great record from inception to completion, from beat-making to mastering, a lot of love for the art was put into this project.

The next phase of the project involves videos videos and more videos. I’ve already began production on one video with others in the pipeline. Time permitting (Mr. Many Hats speaking here so bare with me), I’d like to release a hand full of videos for this album but I am independent so it will take some time and effort. I welcome all helpers too ;) But thats the plan as I enter this phase of the project. I’m looking forward to the work and the end results.

Then there is the actual release. Pathways will have an official digital release this summer along with a physical release of CDs and, get this, cassette tapes. Yeah that’s right cassette tapes, it’s for the hipster in you. I haven’t decided if it will be an instrumental cassette tape release or if it will be the actual Pathways album with a couple of bonus songs. Either way this is gonna be dope.

Finally, I plan to  launch a Kick Starter project. This project will be for a limited edition vinyl release. Why not?! Vinyl is a like a piece of art and I know many many DJs that would love to see the continued production of vinyl. The cool thing about the kick Starter element is that it may happen and it may not. Some contributors will receive cool stuff like my previous ablum and a t shirt while the larger contributors will be listed as Executive Producers. I will create the project  (already created it but its not live just yet) and if it gets the needed funding then all systems go. If we don’t meet the funding everyone gets their donated money back and we call it a day.

So there it is… This is pathways. Here we come!!!

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