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My man ILLUS hit me up one weekend… He told me a bout this project he was doing that featured Emcee / Producers showcasing their talents in a collaborative fashion in dual roles as Emcee and a Producer. The Project was to be called FAMILY FIRST. I thought “hmmmm, dope concept!” He went on to ask if I’d like to be apart of it and I was with it right off the bat. “As a matter of fact” I said “Yo I was just working on this one track earlier today. I’ll bounce it and send it your way to see what you think.” Sounds like it may work with the concept.

I happened to have been tracking this beat and recording the hook the night before and earlier that morning. I hadn’t began writing verses yet but I’d recorded a hook and started mixing the track a bit to make the beat knock.  Truth be told I was really only using this track to test out some new UA plug-ins but it came together in a way that I ended up recording a hook (testing plugins even more) and then I crashed for the night. So, when my man hit me up it seemed like perfect timing. I didnt even need to give it any thought. I bounced it and sent it over to him. He dug it and next thing I know we’d both written verses.

A few weeks later, verses recorded and song structure came together and off to Johnnie Juice for touch up, mix and completion.

A couple months later ILLUS hits me up again and mentions he’ll be in Berkley for the weekend and wondered if I wanted to come up from LA and shoot a video with him for the Life song we did together. As ILLUS puts it

Phashara flew up from Los Angeles for a few hours to kick it and shoot a little video for the song we did together. Neither of us were familiar with the area so we just walked around and took in the sites, shopped for records, ate some food and shot some footage of our day.

P.S.  Shout out to my man’s daughter for letting us borrow her pink iTunes “boom box”.

So yeah with my T2i and my daughters pink Boom Box in tow I went up to Berkley and kicked it for the day. Here are the results of our little Berkley excursion / gentle gorilla shoot.

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