Phashara is a Chicago bred hip-hop artist who is equally adept as an emcee and producer. Influenced by the likes of the Native Tongues, the name Phashara was born of three previous names used mostly in the years when hip-hop was Afrocentric. By combining the first few letters of each, PHAraoh SHAquell RAshid became PHA SHA RA. His brand of contemporary retro hip-hop is rather refreshing depending on your perspective. So says DJ Z of “Phashara had me convinced about 15 seconds into the song. No long, drawn-out intro – just straight into the heart of the record. I’m a big fan.”

Phashara’s first solo album, The Storybook Adventure, debuted in 2008 on Beatmonstas Entertainment. Since then he’s been hard at work crafting his latest offering, Pathways. Twice delayed, Pathways is a collection of 13 big and lush bangers. Although 10 of the 13 tunes were self-produced, Phashara enlisted the production expertise of the incomparable BLAP master Illmind, Beatmonstas brethren Noble Dru and the UK’s most downloaded hip-hop producer The Passion Hifi. Also, finding themselves along for the ride on Pathways are, the legendary Brand Nubian emcee Sadat X, Detroit lyricist Finale, Chicago comrades Savant & Dee Jackson and of course Noble Dru.

Phashara’s style of no frills word play injects a rare intellectual property into the sound that is as approachable, relatable and anything but off-putting. Not your typical rap cat, this self-proclaimed (compliments of the @phashara twitter and youtube feeds) “Caffeinated-Beatmaking-Rhyme-Writing-Tech-Savvy-Artsy-FB-Tweeter” aims to make good music and maybe grab the attention of a few grown and sexy b-boys and b-girls who’ve found themselves on the outside looking in on this new rap world order wondering “what happened to the music we loved?”

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