Phashara Making Beats on the weapon of choice AKAI MPC 5000… My Uncles Jazz band CD…. Sampled & Chopped from scratch.

Beatmonstas – Beats N Rhymes - Summer time in the GO with Beatmonstas (Fat Kid Therapy, Noble Dru & Phashara) from The Beatmonstas album “Bomb Til We Hit Em” released Sept. 2009.

Beatmonstas – Let’s Go (Beatmonstas feat Phashara, Noble Dru & Therapy) – Gorilla video shoots are becoming our specialty. Let’s go was a blast to be a part of… Peep the vid here

Young World… One day shoot (maybe just a couple of hours) 3 b-boys, a boom-box and an hd video camera. Just add chicago scenery, a dope song and a couple of hours of editing and there you have it…The Young World video

The Storybook Adventure EPK… figuring the album concept and title to be a bit out of the norm, I wanted to put together a piece that would allow me the opportunity to break it down in my own words. See this video and get to know Phashara and “The Storybook Adventure” a bit better.

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